Our Services

Massage for pain relief, relaxation, sports training and stress management.

Our Services

We offer a truly customized massage experience.

You tell us your goals for the day and we’ll build a massage for your unique needs. Most massages are a blend of several different techniques and modalities to address your specific issues. We’ll use a variety of techniques to design your perfect massage.


Swedish Massage

A gentle, rhythmic massage that helps you to relax and unwind.



Focuses on the treatment of Trigger Points, (painful areas that refer pain to another area of the body) with static, sustained pressure.


Pre-Natal Massage

Helps to reduce pregnancy related pain and tension, relieve anxiety and depression and decrease the stress level for you and your baby.


Deep Tissue

Massage using firmer pressure that canĀ help to relieve pain, tension and stiffness


Sports Massage

Helps to improve sports performance, decrease muscle pain & stiffness after exercise and helps to recover faster from minor sports injuries.


Chair Massage

Need a quick break from a hectic workday? We offer convenient, fully clothed chair massage in 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute blocks.

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