Massage & Chiropractic: Working Together To Help You


Although they are two separate disciplines, each addressing different tissues and body structures, there are many similarities between chiropractic and massage, and they work really well when you use them in combination.

If you’re feeling pain or discomfort, you could have an underlying problem with your spinal alignment, or tension in your muscles that’s impacting on your nerve function. Chiropractic is really helpful for dealing with functional issues like these, but if you’ve been experiencing the symptoms for a while, you can sometimes find that your body stubbornly resists the adjustments a chiropractor makes, which can result in frustration and even pain.

If you’re finding chiropractic hard going, you could benefit from massage to help relieve some of the tension and tightness your body is holding onto, allowing the chiropractor to do their work much more effectively.

If you’re experiencing problems with stiffness in your spine and there’s a build-up of tension in the muscles supporting and surrounding it, trying to adjust the spine without working on the muscle tightness can pull on the spinal joints. This can make them even stiffer and means that it’s quite likely your pain will return, even if the chiropractic relieves it initially.

More than one kind of stress relief

If you feel like you’re under physical and/or mental stress on a regular basis, massage can be really helpful to you. It’s great for maintenance, getting rid of built-up tension in your body before it causes any damage that needs help from another professional.

Physically, there are signs you can look out for that might mean you’re under spinal stress, and if you notice any of them you probably need to book in with the chiropractor too. Spinal stiffness will be painful, but can also lead to pain in your arm, tingling or numbness in your shoulders and even sciatica. If these symptoms are troubling you, see a chiropractor before they get any worse.

Chiropractic and massage therapy work really well together when you have soft tissue tightness and spinal dysfunction at the same time. They don’t just correct the functional problem that’s causing the pain or symptoms but also help to relax the muscles and soft tissues so that any work carried out by the chiropractor is more effective and the effects last for longer.

Massage and chiropractic for injuries

Using the two together is really helpful after an accident or sporting injury, even the aches and pains that you might get from DIY or gardening. Injuries treated with massage and chiropractic can often heal faster because the two treatments help to stimulate blood flow, boosting your body’s natural energy to heal.

Chiropractic and massage therapy are also, importantly, natural, drug free, hands-on therapies and they don’t have to be restricted just to after injury or when you’re in pain, it can be beneficial to have a session of chiropractic or a regular massage just to maintain your muscular and spinal health and stop problems from occurring in the first place.

Which one first – massage or adjustment?

This is a common question. Clients often ask if they should get a chiropractic adjustment before a massage session or after. Ultimately, it depends on your body and what’s happening with your muscles. However, for most clients, we recommend getting the massage first, then visiting your chiropractor for an adjustment as soon as possible after your massage session.

The reason for this is simple. If your muscles are tight, the chiropractor will have difficulty getting your spine to move where they need it to go. But, if you get a massage first to loosen and relax those tight muscles, then the spine will be free to move, getting you a better adjustment. Plus, your adjustment will likely hold longer because the muscles aren’t pulling you right back out of alignment.

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